Aurora Lodge #156, A.F. & A.M.

· Congratulations to our newest Entered Apprentices:  Brothers Cass Kendrick, David de la Garza, Christopher Perry, Dean Dominguez and Thomas Christopher Powell  (April 13) . . . .

our newly proficient Entered Apprentice:   ...

our newest Fellow Crafts:   ....

our newly proficient Fellow Crafts:Brother Chris Hackett (February 25) . . .

our newly raised Master Masons:  Brother John Davis, Jr. (June 8) . . . .

our newly proficient Master Masons:  Brother Dossa Williams  (June 8) . . . .


15 Time Recipient of Colorado Grand Lodge “Honor Lodge Award,” including 2011

Colorado Grand Lodge "Lodge of The Year" 2010

Colorado Grand Lodge "Mason of The Year" Worshipful Brother Bob Brewer 2010

Colorado Grand Lodge "Mason of The Year" Worshipful Brother Troy Kaiser 2011

Welcome to Aurora Lodge # 156, Aurora, Colorado!  Stated Communications are the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays at 7:00 pm, usually following a 6:00 pm dinner.  The lodge is dark in July and August.
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 Events for April   

Easter Egg Hunt is coming 

April 19th, don't miss it!

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WB Herb Johnson retires as Treasurer!!!  

  "Thank You, Herb!!!"
 Charity Challenge!  Dawn Chapter 125 OES challenges Aurora 156 to collect most for our respective shelter recipients.  Turn up the heat my Brothers!

Clothing, but especially food , is being collected at the lodge for donation to the community. The need is great, and WBro Ray has challenged us to bring it by the CASE.

Help us help the food banks!
Bring non-perishable food items every time you visit the lodge.

(or make a dedicated cash donation for food; we will make the purchase at bulk pricing for the best deal)

Congratulations to Miss Marlie Fisher, winner of a 2011 Colorado Grand Lodge Scholarship
 (Details and one of her essays)

Contact the lodge:  Aurora Lodge 156, A.F. & A.M.   (303) 366-0402
1625 Florence, PO Box 327, Aurora, Colorado   80040


BORN: July 1, 1950 
INITIATED: June 24, 1978
PASSED: May 28, 2005
RAISED: July 16, 2005
DIED: December 29, 2013

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