CHARITY & WELFARE:    Michael Martinez, WM, Chair; Walter Martin, PM; ___, PM; Bryce Dunn, PM; _tba___ GRIEVANCE:   Jeremy Lorberau, SW, Chair;  Mauricio Vale, JW;   tbd
FINANCE:     Mauricio Vale, JW, Chair; Ken Bealer, SD; Aaron Garcia, JD. MEMORIAL RELIEF & ORPHANS FUND
Michael Martinez, WM; Jeremy DeBard, PM; Ron Thompson, Treas.; Wayne Wells, PM (2024); tbd  (2023)

SCHOLARSHIP and EDUCATION: Jeremy Lorberau, SW; Mauricio Vale, JW;  Ron Thompson; _______ (24); _______________ (23)

WIDOWS & ORPHANS:   Walt Martin, PM (and volunteers as needed)  
PROJECTIONIST      as needed
WEBMASTER     Stephen Davis, PM 
HISTORIAN    James E. Hickman, PM, PGO 
DIRECTOR OF THE WORK    John Timmerman, PM

POSTING & EXAMINATION (and mentorship)
Walt Martin, PM......Chairman
Jeremy Debard, PM ... Co-Chair
Wayne Wells, PM ... Co-Chair

MASONIC EDUCATION:   Ken Bealer, Chair; Michael Martinez, WM, Co-chair REFRESHMENTS:   Ken Bealer, Chair; Aaron Garcia; Preston Nelson 
  Honorary membersNorman Lane, PM

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