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    Our printed trestleboard is now available by Postal delivery, email delivery or both.  It is faster and more efficient to receive yours by email, but not everyone is properly served by that method; so we will do whatever it takes to keep in touch!  Feel free to contact me to change your delivery method.

     Our email version is now a Adobe PDF file of the actual printed trestleboard.  It used to be a link to this web page, but the pdf file is more easily printed for those times you want to share or file some of the information.  That is, frankly, why we have converted our Trestleboard to letter sized paper!

    AOL users, please note that AOL sometimes rejects these emails, for reasons I don't quite understand.  I will try anyway.  There may be something you can do, such as add my email address to a "white list," but I will have to leave that issue to you and your email provider.

Steve Davis, PM

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