Master's Message

May, 2018

Dearest Brothers:

 Onward into May we go, one more month in, and with more and more happening at Aurora #156. In April we Raised Brother Richard Leete to the sublime degree of a Master Mason, had a brand new stove installed in the kitchen, finalized the Aurora Lodge Scholarship Application, and learned a bit about where the 'blue' of Blue Lodge may have come from. If it's been a while since you've joined your Brothers, May might be the perfect time to reconnect.

This month looks to be even busier as #156 hosts our Aurora Public Schools Night, honoring and supporting our future leaders from the Aurora Public Schools, and a few of the teachers and administrators who help them achieve their potential. This is an open event, and one where we'd certainly encourage Brothers to bring their friends and family. We will also be performing an Entered Apprentice Degree on the 22nd, and host our ever-popular Feast of the Beast on May 26th. If there was ever a time to bring friends and family curious about what it is Masons do when they get together, Feast of the Beast is the night to show them.

I am currently working with the Worshipful Masters of Kiowa, Revelation, and Byers Lodges to schedule a joint Communication to receive the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Mason's in Colorado. We're currently looking at the possibility of September being the visitation month, with whichever Lodge's regular scheduled Communication night being the evening we'd be getting together. Look for more information soon as there's been nothing greater than getting our neighboring Brothers together for a grand night of Brotherly Love.

Allow me to leave you with this thought… I caught an odd video the other day; someone taking aluminum foil and working it into a polished ball. I've no idea how long it actually took them, but by the end instead of this crinkled mass of metal they had a perfectly round, mirror-polished orb. It might not have been perfect, but it was impressive. It reminded me of Freemasonry, but with this addition: reflection. Thus, the harder we work at polishing ourselves, the more light we reflect upon the world.

Be good my Brothers.
Wick Gordon 



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