Master's Message

February 2024

Greetings From the East Brethren!

I hope you are all having a great 2024 so far. Don’t blink and miss it! As a reminder, we will be having a ladies night at the lodge this month and it will be an open event. As more details get solidified, please keep an ear out on who to rsvp with for a head count. I look forward to seeing you all there.

This month, I wanted to talk with you all about secrecy. Why and what do Masons keep secret? How do you feel about secrecy? Why is it important? As it is mentioned in the degree work, the secrets of a mason are to distinguish you from the outside world but, in this world of tech and the internet, do secrets really exist?

If the secret is so important, why would we put the masonic symbol on our cars, wallets and rings? Why would masonic symbols show on the outside of buildings where we are hiding the secrets of the fraternity? If we are hiding things from the public, we are giving them a good idea on where to look!

In general, the biggest secret in Masonry is probably known by most and they are just unaware of it’s connection to the fraternity. As masons, we are taught to study geometry and reflect upon the working tools of a Mason. Think of all the people that do this for a living! They understand the importance of something being square and the impacts obtuse and acute angles will have when constructing a building. The engineers of the world have built masterpieces leveraging geometry and using the operative tools of Masons.

The secret is hidden within the art and cannot be expressed through words. It can only be known by the master mason as an undeniable truth. The secret cannot be written on a piece of paper and passed around, it can only be learned through experience and witnessing the truth first hand. Realize the beauty of the craft and the secret will be obvious, first and foremost, to your heart.

One last note, an honorable mason keeps the secrets of the craft safe because he said he would. It is a matter of honor and principle that convinces the upright Mason to keep his word. We can rely on each other and trust each other knowing that each mason is a man of honor and has made the same vows as we have. The secret binds us together however, we are bound by much stronger ties to the fraternity through brotherly love. Never forget it!

“All human beings have three lives: public, private, and secret.” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez


Michael Martinez, WM 




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