Master's Message

February, 2018

Dearest Brothers:

 I'm surprised that we're already a month into 2018. I remember how back in 2013 I felt like everything was a blur, but even with my return to the East I'm stunned at just how quickly time can fly while under the top hat. Allow me to thank my fellow Officers, who have already been stepping up to assist in the operations of the Lodge. Without a solid Officer's line it can make a Master's job not only difficult, but unpleasant. I'm very pleased with the men who'll be Aurora Lodge's future, and I intend to do my best to see that they're given all the tools and experience they need to be successful. January also included attending the Grand Lodge session. Right Worshipful Grand Master Philip Moss was voted in and installed as our 2018 Grand Master, and I wish him the absolute best in his endeavors for the year. We'll certainly be reaching out to him for a visit to Aurora Lodge, and will pass that date on once we have our schedules figured out. We also voted on two Amendments, first for the new proposed Book of Constitution, and second for a revision of Article 28 (to consolidate and make consistent Articles 28, 63, and 243). Both Amendments failed to gain the two-thirds majority necessary for adoption. February hosts one of our more honored holidays as a Fraternity, George Washington's Birthday. I encourage the Brothers to attend Lodge on the 27th as we honor one of our premiere Founding Fathers with a special evening's entertainment. We also have voted admission into the Fraternity Brian Way, and will look to conduct his Entered Apprentice Degree as soon as possible. Finally, I would like to personally thank Brother Jeremy DeBard as he has taken on the Herculean task of filling Worshipful Brother Bob Sugg's shoes as cook for Aurora Lodge. I encourage you to thank Brother Jeremy personally for his willingness to see Aurora Lodge's tradition of hosting dinner for the Brothers and prospective prospects continuing into the future.


Wick Gordon


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