Master's Message

January, 2019

First, I would like to wish you and your families a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. Secondly, I want to thank the Lodge for the faith and trust placed in me to serve as Worshipful Master for the next Masonic year.

While deliberating on my first message I ran across something from the Masonic Trowel website that resonated with me.

"The Greek philosopher Aristotle tells us that there are three kinds of friendship:
We have friends who make us laugh, whose company we enjoy.
We have friends who are useful to us, who lend things to us, who do things for us that we cannot do well for ourselves.
Finally, we have "friends in the good." This friendship occurs when we are united with others in a common undertaking, which lifts us to another level, giving us a desire to strive for something beyond our own lives. This is the highest form of friendship, and we seek it, says Aristotle, because we quite simply become better people for having "friends in the good.""

Though I don't have an overall theme for this year, I hope to continue to nurture the growth of our Lodge. I want to continue to build this society of "friends in the good" and seek to make worthwhile contributions within and without our Lodge.

This year in many ways will also be a crossroads for the Lodge. On one path we will continue to maintain our traditions, educate our Brethren and entertain at our annual events. On the other path we will keep an eye on the future as we continue discussions to consolidate with Revelation #180.

I am planning some new events including Masonic Jeopardy and a possible Masonic Youth Night, and perhaps a joint communication and visitation thrown in as well!

The January Communications include an open installation on Jan 8th and a EA Degree on the 22nd. The installation is open to all, and in the process of dispensing light a full room is always appreciated.


Michael Foster 



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