Master's Message

December, 2018

Dearest Brothers:

Hard to believe that it's December. I'm convinced that your second time in the East is every bit as quick as your first. It seems that just about the time you're comfortable in the big seat, that you're having to wrap things up for the end of the year. Though the planning was easier, the ritual already engrained, time still seemed to slip by at an alarming rate. Maybe it's just that I'm getting older and every year is less and less of a percentage of my life, or maybe it's simply that the Brothers made a return to the East as welcoming and comfortable as I could have ever imagined.

I hope that you feel we'd had as successful of a year as I do. We continued with our traditions, everything from honoring the Junior Achievers from the Aurora Public Schools, the Bob Brewer Memorial Easter Egg Hunt, Feast of the Beast, Past Master Appreciation Night, and even a few surprises with guest speakers, Masonic education talks, and an evening of Cowen or Mason? The year's not yet over yet however, and I would remind all the Brothers of Santa's visit to the Lodge on Saturday, December 8th. Milk and Cookies at 10am and Santa at 11am. Finally, let us not forget our Annual Communication on December 11th. If you only make one meeting this year, that's the one to make.

One other development this year has been the conversation between Aurora #156 and Revelation Lodge #180 with regards to Lodge attendance and growth. These conversations have led to questions about a possible merger between the two Lodges. As such, we've involved our District Lecturer, and have decided to each form a committee to further explore what such a process would entail, what decisions would need to be made, and what inroads can be forged. Look for further details of these meeting come the start of the New Year, and I would encourage anyone interested in the matter to contact myself, our Lodge Secretary, or swing by any meeting night to hear the latest on the matter. Sadly, Revelation Lodge has seen less and less active participation from its members - often having barely enough Brothers showing up to open Lodge. The last thing anyone wants to see is another Lodge close and group of Brothers be disconnected from their Fraternity. As such, we're going to make the concerted effort to see what can be done to not only help their circumstance, but perhaps to welcome them into something bigger and better.

Allow me now to take a moment to extend my thanks to the Brethren, for their faith and trust. There has been little in my life that has been as great an honor as to be voted Worshipful Master of Aurora Lodge. There are always large shoes to fill, and there is no hotter seat in all the lodge than that in the East. I want to thank my team of Officers, for their support and help throughout the course of the year. They are a great group of men in whom I have trusted, relied upon, and reached out to. They have never let me down, and I have every faith they will be more than capable to take #156 into a bright future. Thank you to the Brethren, for putting up with my long-winded talks, and estranged topics of conversation. It is my hope that we've all learned a little something this year, I know I have. Thank you for allowing me this honor, and should #156 ever call again, I will be there to answer.

Be good my Brothers.

Wick Gordon 



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