Note to officers:  the revised Officer's Handbook, as of August 2010, can be obtained as a pdf file from WB Steve Davis .

Michael Martinez   Worshipful Master

  Jeremy Lorberau, PM    Senior Warden
  Mauricio Vale    Junior Warden

 Ronald K. Thompson     Treasurer

Stephen Davis, PM   Secretary

Ken Bealer   Senior Deacon

 Aaron Garcia    Junior Deacon
Preston Nelson    Senior Steward
  Sean Nelson    Junior Steward  Walter Martin, PM       Chaplain
  Wayne Wells, PM           Marshall

  Bryce Dunn, PM       Tyler

Brettwick Gordon, PM    Musician

WBro Mike Tims      District Lecturer

2023 Dues: $165.00 (this includes the Grand Lodge per capita of $85.00) - are payable by no later than January 1, 2023
Degrees - 1st $150.00;  2nd $50.00;  3rd $50.00 ($250.00 total)
Affiliation $82.00

 Bush J. Loucks 1947 David E. Teich 1963 Martin DeHeus 1967
Charles Duvall 1950 Richard H. Wall 1963 James Earhart 1968
Arthur Brodin, PM 1951 Stephen A. Hiller 1963 John J. Drake 1968
Emil J. Luzny 1953 Andrew J. Montgomery 1964 Marvin Parsons 1968
Karl W. Schneider 1954 Raymond R. Agnew 1964 Donald J. Shearer, Jr. 1968
Donald H Lee 1955 Roger A. Mock 1964 Dennis Newbury 1969
Charles McMican 1957 Edward R. Shockley 1965 Edrie T. Hollingsworth, Jr 1969
George Shearer 1957 James A. Dolbier 1965 Dale Pratt 1969
Roland L. Pries 1958 William M. Young 1965 Victor Adelgren 1970
James L Lewis, PM 1961 Scott D. Beadle 1965 John T. Parker, Jr. 1971
Lee E Traster 1961 Melvin "Ed" Johnson 1965 Steven E. Everitt 1971
William R. Reid 1962 James R. North 1965 Wayne E. Carter 1972
Joseph A. Rouse 1963 Gene Godsoe 1966    
Joe A. Wilcox 1963 Dudley Brown 1966    


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