From the Secretary:

Dues for 2024 are due January 1, 2024.  The amount this year is $183.00, which is $103.00 per capita support for Grand Lodge; plus $80.00 for Aurora Revelation 156.  Dues for 2023, which were $165.00, and 2022, which were $162.00, if not yet paid, are late, and we will soon be looking at possible suspensions.  If you have NOT received an invoice by December 15, let me know.  Also, give some thought, when writing that check, to adding a donation.   If the payment of your dues would pose a hardship, don’t hesitate to let the Worshipful Master (or me) know; since we are more than pleased to lend a helping hand ….. but we cannot help if you don’t ask.

Steve Davis, PM Secretary


 "Oldies but Goodies"  Excerpts from prior Secretary notes that are of interest all year long!  (May 1999 to present)

March, 2010
Have you considered a bequest to the Lodge or Building Association in your will? The good works of both continue and future funds will help those efforts. The Building Association has the Endowment Fund where interest only will be used to offset operational costs and the Lodge has the Memorial Relief and Orphans Fund along with the Scholarship Fund both of which are dedicated to helping people.

February, 2008
Have you considered a Perpetual Membership recently? With the annual increases in the Grand Lodge per-capita and the ever-present possibility of an increase in your Lodge dues, it seems sagacious to invest in a Perpetual Membership. A one-time payment of 26 times the current dues will provide you with a lifetime of paid dues, and it will even continue to help our Lodge after you pass on to join the Grand Architect of the Universe. If a one-time payment is not for you, equal monthly payments can also be arranged for you (up to 36 payments). If this is of interest to you, please let me know and I will be glad to send you an application for a Perpetual Membership.

April, 2003
    One change to the Constitution of the Grand Lodge of Colorado, approved in January of this year and now in effect, relates to the time period before suspension for non-payment of dues.
     January 1st is the date dues should be paid and if not paid by the following January 1st, dues are considered delinquent and a member is subject to suspension for nonpayment.
     Please pay your dues promptly and do not let yourself become subject to this new Constitutional change.

---    Each year your Lodge Officers learn of Brothers who sadly, as long as three years before, have joined the Heavenly Architect of the Universe or are in nursing homes unable to communicate with the Lodge or others.  So please inform all those close to you to notify the Lodge of your health or situation in the event you are unable to do so.  The support the Lodge extends can be of great benefit in time of need and is given willingly and unselfishly.

---    The Grand Lodge of Colorado has asked each Mason to inform his family members or close friends of his wishes and desires for when his life on this earth ends.  Please inform them of your desires regarding Masonic services, disposition of your Masonic regalia, notification to your Lodge Secretary or Master as well as any appendant bodies, requests for donations and bequests, etc.  Please be sure that proper telephone numbers are always available and current to those who may need them.

---    Have you been the first line signer of at least two petitions?  One for growth and one to replace you when you join the Supreme Grand Master?

---    Have you attended at least one Lodge meeting in the last year?  You may be surprised to find how enjoyable the meetings can be and at the same time renew old acquaintances and also make new ones that may very well last a lifetime.  Please do not be shy.  Every Mason can get into Lodge if they just come to a meeting!

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