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August, 2002 contributions from Masonic Memos
Take a look at the new Colorado Grand Lodge web page at  Take some time to explore it.
    Each of the 141 lodges in Colorado has a basic web page.  Look up your lodge.  If it doesn't have anything beyond the basics, such as a local lodge contact or a more sophisticated web page set up, then encourage your lodge to establish a more viable web page.  Contact web master WB Neil Beaty, for further information.
    It has already been shown that lodges with good web pages, such as Denver 5 and Columbia 14, have gained several new
members this year because of their web pages.  It was reported at the 5 States Conference in Trinidad on Aug. 17, that 12 lodges have established new web pages since the WB Beaty made his presentation at the Grand Lodge budget session on Aug. 3.
    Worthy men can not become Masons if they don't know what Free Masonry is all about and how to find us when they are ready to make that decision.  Those that have found lodges via web pages just didn't do it by accident.  They had a purpose in mind.  They wanted to ASK!   And that is a fundamental requirement to becoming a Mason.  They did so via the web page.  Help put your lodge's best foot forward in the cyberspace world. 
    Under Upcoming Events on the Grand Lodge web page you'll find some of the Masonic Memos information.  So check the web page from time to time to keep current on Colorado Masonic events.  Your lodge's special events can be presented on the Grand Lodge web site by providing the information to

The First Annual Colorado Mason's Band Camp
    The Masons of Colorado held their first annual Colorado Masonic High School Band Camp on June 30 - July 4th in Greeley,
Colorado. Band activities were supervised by the music staff and faculty of the University of Northern Colorado and hosted at the campus. Approximately ninety high school students from across the state were selected by their teachers to participate in this unique experience, free to those attending. The Band Camp musicians performed a free concert on July 2 at the Greeley Stampede Rodeo and on the University campus on July 3. The students then marched and performed in the Greeley Stampede Parade on July 4th, winning first prize in the parade competition. 
    The Colorado Masons and their affiliated bodies provided full scholarships for these Colorado students. Band camp is designed as an opportunity for music students to meet their counterparts from across Colorado. Each student received a cap and uniform shirt as a reminder of this special experience.
    Thanks to WB John Russell for the above.  Let the drums roll again next year.

Five States Masonic Meeting in Trinidad, Colorado August 16 & 17.
    Good fellowship and good food.  Trinidad Lodge #28 and the Trinidad Eastern Star Chapter hosted the brothers and provided a tour for the ladies on Saturday.  Thank you all.  Brethren and ladies, from Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico attended.  Grand lodge officers from Colorado, Kansas, and New Mexico gave us updates on activities in their states and shared ideas.  We are looking forward to meeting again next year, August 15 and 16, in Oklahoma.  Stay tuned.

The United Kingdom Trip
From Chris Gold, Secretary Rathcreedan Lodge, Banbury, England, July 2002
    On Saturday 13th July, Rathcreedan Lodge # 8690 met to hold their July meeting in the Provincial Masonic Headquarters in
Oxford where we received the W.M. and Officers of Centennial Lodge # 84 from Denver, Colorado.
    There were 20 Masons in their Party and they gave us a superb demonstration of the Colorado First Degree ceremony.
They gave their demonstration in front of around 170 Oxfordshire Masons who had all booked to witness the event.
We were particularly delighted that the Provincial Grand Master for Oxfordshire, R.W. Bro Alan Englefield was present,
as was the Deputy Provincial Grand Master and the Assistant Provincial Grand Master.  Our Lodge was further honoured by the presence of the Grand Secretary - in the person of V.W Bro Bob Morrow.
    The ceremony, as demonstrated by our American "cousins" was faultless and although there were certain differences between our ceremonies, in essence they were the same.
    Many of the Oxfordshire Masons who attended this special meeting were Masters in the Chair of their own Lodge in the Province plus various Secretaries, Treasurers etc.
    Following the work in the Temple, we all gathered to enjoy a formal "Festive Board " which for those who are unaware of this practice in the UK is a formal sit-down Dinner, with speeches etc.
    The whole proceedings began at around 2pm and ended with the Tylers Toast ( at the Festive Board ) at around 9.30pm.
    The Sun shone the whole time and we in Rathcreedan Lodge made 20 new friends.
    Plans are already in the early stages for Rathcreedan Lodge to muster a party in 2004 and travel to Denver for a reciprocal visit.  So, Brethren, wherever in the States you are reading this, Rathcreedan Lodge are hungry to do it again !
    If any Lodge out there would like to experience some "Oxfordshire " hospitality, and would like to organise a trip to England,
then its over to you !
    Finally, Thanks go to all the hardworking members of the Rathcreedan Lodge Committee who helped organise the visit and
function. Thanks also go to Ashley Buss, S.D. of Centennial Lodge and to Dave Stump, Secretary of Centennial Lodge # 84.
Without the hard work and dedication of these Masons, the trip would never have got off the ground.
    p.s.  The whole trip idea came after I had asked for some Pins for my collection !! And to those of you who have sent Pins to me in the past - Thanks, the collection is my pride and joy !!! 

Contributions from Masonic Memos
In Memoriam to M.W. Past Grand Master, Harry C. "Pete" English.
    Born March 3, 1912 in Washington, D.C.  Died May 17, 2002
    After graduating from the D.C. Public Schools he attended Nashotah Theological Seminary (Episcopal) in Wisconsin, Wilson Teachers College, Bachelors Degree; George Washington University (Physical Education) and served in the U.S. Air Force, retiring in 1972 with the rank of Colonel.  He also served as Consultant i Health, Physical Education and Recreation in the Eisenhower Administration.
    M.W. Brother English was made a Mason in Orlando, Florida in 1944 where he also received his York Rite Degrees and Order.  He then joined Egypt Temple AAONMS.  He later affiliated with Bethesda Lodge No. 204, in Bethesda, Maryland and Almas Temple AAONMS in Washington D.C.  Upon moving to Colorado he was instrumental and became the Charter Worshipful Master of Centurion Daylight Lodge No. 195 in Monument.
    M.W. Brother English held many other Masonic memberships and honors in the Colorado Springs and Denver areas.
    M.W. Brother English served as Grand Master of Masons in Colorado from January 26, 1988 to January 24, 1989.

From the Denver Post, May 10, 2002:  Mason's membership is burgeoning in Cuba.
Cuba's Masons have seen their ranks more than double since the 1980s to 29,000 members in more than 316 lodges.  Earlier this year, the Cuban government gave permission for two new lodges, the first since 1967.  Officially the Cuban government now says the Masons are linked to some of the nobler moments of Cuba's past.  Privately, Masons complain that they are infiltrated with government agents and sometimes receive veiled warnings about their meetings with foreigners, including American diplomats.

Grand Master Joseph E. Hadad issued a Decision on February 4, 2002 which says that the Standard Proficiency will be used except by permission of the Grand Master in those special cases where he deems that the standard proficiency would prove to be an extreme burden to the lodge or the candidate.  The use of the Short Form proficiency is prohibited except by dispensation of the Grand Master.  Proficiency examinations will be performed in compliance with Sections 194, 195, and 198 of the Book of Constitutions.

Biography, MW Joseph E. Hadad, Grand Master:
    The Hadad family moved to Trinidad in approximately 1897 and became involved in the business and social community.  The
family business they started is now over 100 years old.  Joe was born, raised and attended school in Trinidad.  From birth he ha
been a member of Holy Trinity Catholic Church where he still remains active.  He became a part of the family business at an early age.
    In 1954 Dr. Stanley Biber came to Trinidad and hired an attractive young nurse named Mary Ann to staff his office.  Joe injured his toe, went to the doctor, fell in love with the nurse and the rest is history.  Joe and Mary Ann were married in 1958 and have one daughter, Renee, who is currently employed in Pueblo.
    As a community leader, Joe wondered why he had not been asked to join the Masonic Lodge, so he asked his brother George, who was a member of Trinidad Lodge.  When he found out that you had to ask, he quickly petitioned the Lodge and received all of his degrees in 1980.  He served as Worshipful Master in 1987, 1988, and 1992.  Joe is a member of Eastern Star, Al Kaly Shrine, the Scottish Rite bodies and the York Rite bodies where he has served as presiding officer in Chapter, Council and Commandery.  Most Worshipful Grand Master Ben Bell recognized his potential and appointed Joe to the progressive Grand Lodge line in 1994, where he has served with distinction ever since.

Bro. David Via from Virginia is back in Boulder repairing damage to tombstones in Columbia Cemetery.  Bro. Via is a renowned restorer of cemetery tombstones and monuments.  The Cemetery was started by Columbia Lodge No. 14 in the late 1800s.  Of course, there are a lot of Square and Compasses to be seen.  And a lot of Boulder's early pioneers are there.  The City of Boulder now has the care of the cemetery.  Bro. Via commented at lodge the other night that of all the cemeteries across the continent that he has worked on, Columbia Cemetery as had the most on going vandalism.  He commented that two of the tombstones he repaired a year ago were knocked over this year.  We're not talking little rocks here, but stones of several hundred pounds and more.  He had pinned the stones together with 3/4" stainless steel rods and then epoxied the stones together to keep them from being wiggled loose. The epoxy held; the granite rock broke loose.  The City of Boulder is already trying to outlaw couches and sofas from front porches so that the CU Students (they get the blame, anyway) won't burn them in the streets as they are want to do.  So may we should outlaw tombstones so they (whoever the vandals are) won't knock them over.  Maybe the brethren from Columbia 14 should offer a reward for the arrest and conviction of the vandals and maybe stand watch on Halloween. 

Check out the article,  "Home experiment boosts students" on Page 1, Section B - Denver and the West, of the Sept. 4,
  2001 edition of The Denver Post. 

  A portion of the text says: 
  "Sharon Ivie, 1999 Colorado Teacher of the Year, used a $7,500 Colorado Masons Quality in Education grant to test the
  hypothesis that kids with a computer at home have higher-order thinking skills and do better on standardized tests" 

  Thanks to Vern Ingraham, chairman of the Public Schools Committee, and the Grand Lodge for providing the grant.


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