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(Whenever possible, credit is given to the source or sources of these materials.  Should you recognize anything which could be better attributed, please notify the webmaster!  Note also that the webmaster, and most especially Aurora Lodge 156, do not certify the accuracy of these items.  They are here for the inquiring mind to partake and enjoy, not as absolute truths.)

There's a new 17 minute audio tape, Facts and Fiction About Freemasonry, that responds to numerous false claims about
Freemasony by anti-Masons, are noted leaders such as Gary Leazer, Jim Tresner, Brent Morris, Terry Tilton, and Bob Davis.  The tape is available through the Masonic Information Center, 8120 Fenton St., Silver spring, MD 20910, in either audio cassette or CD format--please specify.  Cost is $5.00 plus S/H.  Can be ordered by e-mail at  added May 2003
From the Denver Post, May 10, 2002:  Mason's membership is burgeoning in Cuba.
Cuba's Masons have seen their ranks more than double since the 1980s to 29,000 members in more than 316 lodges.  Earlier this year, the Cuban government gave permission for two new lodges, the first since 1967.  Officially the Cuban government now says the Masons are linked to some of the nobler moments of Cuba's past.  Privately, Masons complain that they are infiltrated with government agents and sometimes receive veiled warnings about their meetings with foreigners, including American diplomats.  (from Masonic Memos)
The Meaning of "Mote" Dec., 1998

 It is the third person singular of the present subjunctive of the Anglo-Saxon "motan," which meant "to be allowed", hence the phrase "so mote it be."  It is a quaint and charming form of the familiar Amen -- a dear, deep, far-echoing word wherein God confirms the faith of men, and man accepts the will of God.

Original Source unknown, contributed by Bro. Richard Wall of Aurora Lodge #156

From the Masonic Service Association:
    The Masonic Information Center has learned that a new movie titled From Hell, starring Johnny Depp and Heather Graham, will be released 10/19/01.  The book From Hell, upon which the movie is based, purports to tell the Jack the Ripper story as involving ritual killings performed by a Mason at the request of Queen Victoria.  Reviews have distinctly negative Masonic references.
While some actual historical facts are interspersed in the story, the Masonic involvement is pure fabrication.  The best response to all this is to inform yourself and, if asked, others of the facts relevant to the Jack the Ripper case.  Consult the October 2001 Short Talk Bulletin or

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